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Tried & True Varnish Oil


An excellent finish for the finest of furniture, Tried & True Varnish Oil is a semi-gloss topcoat that builds durability and sheen with each application. It has excellent abrasion and scratch resistance and takes a high polish, if such is desired. Made from highly polymerized linseed oil fortified with natural resin varnish, which is derived from pine sap. Indoor use only.
A unique blend of highly refined polymerized linseed oil and natural resin varnish.Resin is modified pine sap (a modified ester of Rosin that is non-toxic and food safe).Formula derived from 19th century varnish making techniques.High resin content produces a beautiful semi-gloss sheen.Builds gloss, depth, and durability with each coat.Will take an excellent polish, making it the ultimate hand-rubbed finish.Gets harder and more durable with age.Directions for Use: Apply thin coats. It is almost impossible to use too little.Allow the finish to sit on the surface about 1 hour.Wipe dry and buff.Consult the label for instructions on how to dispose of wiping cloths.Two or three coats is usually enough on vertical surfaces.Table tops or similar applications should get a minimum of three coats.Buff with a soft, clean cloth to maintain the shine.

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