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Tormek T-4 Sharpening System With Tormek HTK-706 Hand Tool Kit


Tormek has long been a benchmark for water-cooled sharpening systems, and the T-4 continues that strong tradition. Like previous models, the slow-speed 220-grit grindstone removes only minute amounts of steel to prevent overheating and maintain the steel’s hardness and quality. The leather honing wheel lets you final polish the edge to a wood-sheering sharpness. Its industrial-strength 120W motor is very durable, and surprisingly quiet at only 52 dB. The T-4 now comes with a Stone Grader for dressing your wheels, as well as an AngleMaster gauge, tube of honing compound, explanatory handbook, and an instructional DVD.
Shape tools exactly to your needs – easily sharpens even complicated shapesOnce shape is created, you can resharpen the edge in less than a minuteLow speed allows you to fully control the sharpeningNo sparks are produced, eliminating risk to your eyesMain shaft and stone hardware made from stainless steelSleeves for the universal support are now cast into the zinc top with stadium-shaped holes for improved accuracyShock-resistant ABS lower housingMachine plate (front tag) is metal, making it a convenient place to store the Anglemaster, which has magnetic feetCarrying handle makes it easy to transport without being tempted to lift the machine by the universal supportNow includes a stone grader rather than the Square Edge Jig For added convenience and versatility, combine your Tormek Sharpener with the available Tormek Rotational Base (Sold Separately). With click-and-twist simplicity, you can now rotate your Tormek Sharpener in seconds to go from sharpening to honing, or from knives to chisels, both of which require the wheel to move in opposite directions relative to the blade.Tormek HTK-706 Hand Tool KitWith the six jigs in this kit, you’ll be able to shape and sharpen all your knives, scissors, shears, draw knives and axes, as well as short chisels and carving tools. Each jig perfectly replicates the edge angle so you can sharpen faster than ever. The jigs in this kit work with the T-7 and T-4 Tormek Sharpening Systems (35254 and 53332, sold separately) as well as the older T-3 system. The Knife Jig (SVM-45) works to sharpen most knives, including carver’s draw knives. Long knives need to be stiff, and the minimum blade length is 2-3/8” (60mm)The Long Knife Jig (SVM-140) is suitable for long and flexible knives. The jig’s 5-1/2” (140mm) width stabilizes a thin blade. Requires minimum blade length of 6-5/16” (160mm)The Scissors Jig (SVX-150) is for scissors of all sizes as well as shears. It is also suitable for portable electric hand planer bladesThe Short Tool Jig (SVS-32) is for straight-shanked carving gouges and V-tools down to 1-3/4” (45mm) long. It also sharpens short wood chisels and tools for power carvers. Maximum tool width is 1-1/4” (32mm)The Axe Jig (SVA-170) sharpens carving and carpenter’s axes. It accommodates a maximum axe height of 6-11/16” (170mm), and copes with both straight and curved edgesThe Small Knife Holder (SVM-00) enables you to sharpen the smallest knife blades like carving knives and pocket knives. Works in conjunction with the SVM-45 Knife Jig

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