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Tormek SE-77 Square Edge Jig

Tormek’s SE-77 Square Edge Jig features dual fine adjustment knobs on the side that let you easily adjust it for squareness to the wheel – an essential adjustment when sharpening chisels and

Tormek T-8 Sharpening System

Tormek’s T-8 improves on its widely acclaimed predecessors with a fully cast housing for improved rigidity and minimal play on the universal support. Additionally, its large water trough features a geared lift

European Style Sliding Door Hardware

Silent operation and a virtually concealed profile are the two biggest advantages of this hardware. The ribbed side of the track will hold it firmly within the groove. Both upper and lower

Woodcarver’s Vise

With just a single adjustment lever, this carving vise lets you raise, lower and rotate your workpiece, as well as to swing it forward or backward along an arc. Built from solid

12-Piece Carving Chisel Set with Instructional DVD

Whether you’re an experienced carver, or are just looking to get started, this set of 12 carving tools will serve you well, at a great price. Not only are they quality tools

Woodcarver’s Mallet

A good carving mallet must be nimble, and able to approach the chisel from a wide variety of angles as you work your way around the piece. This one accomplishes that with

Router Table Shim

Necessary accessory for mounting a Phenolic Router Table Top to the Rockler Steel Router Table Cabinet (#41427, sold separately).

Replacement Paint Cup for Earlex Spray Station 5500

This is a direct replacement for the 1-quart paint cup included with the Earlex Spray Station 5500 (#56739, sold separately). Use it to replace a lost or damaged cup, or as a

6” Heavy-Duty C-Clamp

With its high-strength ductile iron frame and robust screw with precise Acme thread, this C-clamp really puts on the pressure when you need it most. The screw winds quickly and smoothly, with

5-Piece Damaged Screw Extractor Set with Case

These screw extractors feature a spiral-tipped design for fast, easy extraction of stripped or broken fasteners. Just select the extractor that best fits your screw, press it into the cavity and drill

3-Piece Damaged Screw and Bolt Remover Set with Case

These screw/bolt extractors feature a double-ended design for fast, easy extraction of stripped or broken fasteners. One end features a left-handed drill bit that prepares a clean extraction hole. Thanks to the

Dust Right Cord and Hose Hook

Our multi-purpose Cord and Hose Hook keeps cords and hoses neatly organized and off the floor, resulting in less wear-and-tear on them, and a safer work environment for you. In one sturdy

Axiom AutoRoute 1 Hobby CNC with Stand and Toolbox

Axiom’s AR1 is an ultra-compact CNC machine that’s ideal for small shops and small ops. But don’t judge it by its size – it’s built every bit as solidly as the larger

Grr-Rip Block Smart Hook Push Block

Not all push blocks are created equal, and Micro-Jig’s Grr-Rip Block is one that stands a head above the rest. It features “Gravity Heel” drop-down hooks on either end, which provide rigid

Small Folding Lockback Knife Hardware Kit

As a pocket knife, this lockback kit leaves little to be desired. It opens with a reassuring click as the locking mechanism firmly engages the blade, and after pressing the release bar

Mini Hunter Knife Hardware Kit

With its comfortably arched handle and sturdy blade, the Mini Hunter Knife breezes through skinning tasks on small to medium-sized game, as well as a host of other jobs such as cutting

Oyster Knife Hardware Kit

Shucking oysters is all about pairing the proper technique with the proper tool. This oyster knife is based on the popular New Haven design, which features a curved tip that generates excellent

AC 12 Accessory Kit for Leigh Super 12 Dovetail Jig

Extraordinary joint making capability at an exceptional price point! Cut variably spaced Through & Half-blind dovetails easily and accurately. Infinitely adjustable one-piece fingers are easily positioned for any joint pattern, and you

Rockler Grill Tools Hardware Kit

Our premium grilling tools are something that need to be ”handled” to fully appreciate. That’s because…well…you get to turn your own handles to whatever length your hand desires, but also because the

CNC Shark HD3

The CNC Shark HD3 includes the NEW Virtual Zero software. This new and improved software ”maps” the surface of your table or workpiece and uses the map as a dynamic reference point.