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Category Archives: Workshop Accessories

Power Air Respirator

One of the most comfortable power respirators on the market at a great low price! Powered air purifying respirator offers easy breathing by automatically drawing in fresh air while protecting from outside

FastCap ProCarpenter Standard/Metric Self-Lock Tape Measure

New and improved – now with self-locking capability. With graduations to the 1/16″ on one side and the millimeter on the other, this 16′ tape delivers in any situation. It also boasts

6” Tri-Miter Square by Crown Hand Tools

Anything from Crown Hand Tools Ltd. is a treat for you and your toolbox! Manufactured to British Standard BS3322, this beautiful 6″ Tri-Miter Square is no exception. Features a hardened, tempered and

Bostik Bearing Lubricant Aerosol Spray

Protect your tools and equipment with Bostik Bearing Lubricant. Seals and protects from dirt and moisture! Also good for freeing up frozen bearings. Withstands heat and pressure that vaporizes ordinary lubricants. Penetrates

EZ-Mark Line Cords

A quick, easy way of marking or identifying the location of shelves and internal construction components.Features:Ideal for fastening back and sides onto cabinets without marking the woodIncludes three elastic cords: 10″, 20″

3M Peltor Junior Earmuffs – Blue

Protect a child’s sensitive hearing with 3M Peltor Junior Earmuffs! Designed to effectively dampen harmful noises without shutting out other ambient sounds such as instructive comments from an adult. Easy and comfortable

Grr-Rip Block Smart Hook Push Block

Not all push blocks are created equal, and Micro-Jig’s Grr-Rip Block is one that stands a head above the rest. It features “Gravity Heel” drop-down hooks on either end, which provide rigid

Woodcarver’s Vise

With just a single adjustment lever, this carving vise lets you raise, lower and rotate your workpiece, as well as to swing it forward or backward along an arc. Built from solid

Micro Jig GRR-Ripper Basic 3D Push Block System GR-100

The GRR-Ripper is a precision-guidance 3D Push Block System designed to feed wood on a table saw more safely than you can with your hands alone, and more accurately than with conventional

3-Piece 8″ Caliper and Divider Set

For matching the thickness and diameter of a spindle turning, nothing beats the utility of a basic set of inside and outside calipers. No need to worry about measurements, just remove material

iGaging 8” Digital Inside Caliper

Take exact measurements of your turning pieces and other projects! Spring-loaded jaws provide accuracy to 0.01″ and a digital display to read measurements in inches, millimeters or fractions. Simple thumbscrew tightens to

Deflector/Connector for Grr-Rip Block and Grr-Ripper

The Micro Jig Deflector/Connector keeps flying wood chips at bay and acts as an extended blade guard for the Grr-Ripper and Grr-Rip Block (#47145, #62689, #30737 sold separately). This useful accessory is

Open Stand for SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander

This durable metal stand may be used with your SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander (#44188, sold separately) or with the 19-38 Combo Sander. It is easy to assemble, includes a storage shelf and

Sjobergs Scandi Plus Workbench 1425

With versatility and durability in spades, the Sjobergs Scandi Plus 1425 workbench is perfectly suited for the demanding work of professional woodworkers and serious craftsmen. For strength, the top is constructed with

Sjobergs Scandi Plus Workbench 1425 with Cabinet and Workbench Accessory Kit

With versatility and durability in spades, the Sjobergs Scandi Plus 1425 workbench is perfectly suited for the demanding work of professional woodworkers and serious craftsmen. For strength, the top is constructed with

Triton SJA460 Log Jaws for SJA200 Superjaws

The Triton SJA460 Log Jaws bolt on in place of the standard urethane jaws that come with your SJA200 SuperJaws (#58328, sold separately). The Log Jaws are made of sturdy zinc-plated steel

Sjobergs Smart Workstation Pro Vise

The Sjobergs Smart Workstation Pro is a portable, practical work-holding solution that brings the versatility of a tail vise to almost any setting. Clamp it to a set of sawhorses, a picnic

Triton MSA200 Tripod Support Stand

Multi-purpose support stand with extra-wide tripod base for excellent stability on both flat and uneven surfaces. Low-friction top surface provide smooth, controlled infeed or outfeed support without unwanted steering of the workpiece.

Triton SJA420 Tool Tray/Work Support for SuperJaws

Slide this handy tool storage tray into the side of your SuperJaws SJA200 or SJA300 Portable Clamping System (#58328 and #57397, sold separately) for convenient access to tools and extended support for

Triton WRA001 Woodrack Lumber Storage System

For all things long and narrow, the Triton WRA001 lumber rack provides a neat, clean home. Six sturdy shelves keep your lumber and moldings organized and easy-to-find. Mount the rack indoors or